Monday, September 29, 2014

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: Opal

          Hey girls, guys, makeup enthusiasts! Whether you are here because you are looking at this product for personal use or to add to your professional kit, welcome! This is going to be my own personal thoughts on the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the pressed form. This particular shade is called Opal. Yes, THE buzzworthy highlight color that every major beauty guru on Youtube is going B-A-N-A-N-A-S over!!!

              Being a mom of 3, I do not splurge on myself very often. Here and there I make an exception when the budget allows. I mostly stick to drugstore products or my own creations. I have a few higher end products in my arsenal. You better bet that I do my research first! I do not like to spend hard earned money on anything that I feel isn't worth it. I honestly couldn't find anything negative when reading reviews other than, "It's too shimmery for my taste". That did not phase me because my face is dry as hell, so I love a strong glowing highlight. I decided that since my 31st birthday was coming up, that is what I wanted to purchase. I headed out to Sephora a couple of weeks ago with my friend and headed straight for the Becca display. Of course Opal was not in stock, so I went with the shade Moonstone. It is a beautiful, more pale shade. My skin tone is light to medium I would say. I feel like I am pale, but I wouldn't consider myself fair. I do burn some, but I do develop a decent tan. Moving on! I wore it a couple of times and although it swatches nicely, it just kind of got lost on my skin tone. It didn't wow me like I expected. I wanted to glow, by gosh! Moonstone would be gorgeous on the most fair skin tones. I will say that the texture of all the shades are very silky and the typical description of creamy, soft, and buttery also apply! They blend out like a dream as well......

               This weekend I decided to go back to Sephora and see if they had the Opal shade in stock. Thankfully there was only one left and I grabbed it and made the exchange. The next day when I applied my full face of makeup, I used this as my highlight and OMG! The hype is the real deal, people! I could not stop looking in the side mirror in my car when we went out for the day. Every time I saw my reflection, I stopped and looked again. It catches and reflects the light so beautifully on the skin. It is not chunky in texture whatsoever like some of the MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes. $38 is definitely a splurge for most gals like me. I'm not sure if anything else is going to stack up to this in my eyes. It is THAT good. If you love a glowy highlight, go grab it. Personally and professionally as an artist, it is an absolute must have and I will repurchase as long as the company continues to offer it.

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