Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MAC Rebel Lipstick Review

                          Ok, can we just talk about this lipstick? Actually I think I need a moment of silence for this baby! It's by far my favorite lipstick. It is the fabulous Rebel

                              Down to business ladies and gents! This is an all year shade for me. For those who stick to the changes of season, this is THE perfect fall shade. It's a satin finish...again...mahhh fav! Creamy, not too dry. It's a cool, deep berry shade, but vibrant at the same time. Makes you teeth look whiter and brighter. It's absolutely gorgeous and every time I wear it, I get complimented and asked what I am wearing. 

                               It is a permanent shade and is $16 at MAC online, in-store, and at the counter in Macy's. It's so easy to see why this is a cult favorite! You need it in your life, stop right now, get your butt to the store and throw your money at this one! It's good stuff! Remember, you are beautiful, always!

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